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Hire freelance frontend developers, but not the traditional way!

Some call us Freelancer as a Service (FaaS). Sounds funny?! No, we are serious! We have 100% money back guarantee with a #nobullshit rule!

Hire freelance frontend developers, but not the traditional way!

Some call us Freelancer as a Service (FaaS). Sounds funny?! No, we are serious! We have 100% money back guarantee with a #nobullshit rule!

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Why you should reconsider us?

We are here to solve your problems by taking load off your shoulders! We are not a recruitment agency, neither another freelancing market place. We provide frontend development as a service!

Here is how it works!

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Contract (initial step)

Everything starts from our first initial call that you can schedule from this link, where we give you further details about the process and understand the big picture of your requirements.

When you are confident in doing business with us, we sign a contract that would articulate the basic terms and conditions. Since the work is done on hourly basis, it is not a fixed price contract. You will get an invoice on a weekly basis with a due date of two weeks. At the end of each week, you have one week to claim a money back and cancel the contract.


Onsite Meetings (twice a week)

Our engineering managers will meet you twice a week onsite in your office to discuss the work progress, resolve bottlenecks and do sprint planning (depending on your project complexity, sprints could be 1 or 2 weeks long). We use JIRA to write all the user stories and Confluence to document all business logics and specific notes.

Currently we can provide the onsite meetings only in Berlin. We are planning to provide this service in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt by April 2019, you can schedule a call with us to discuss if you are from any other city in Germany or other countries in EU.


Daily Scrum Calls (like daily standup)

You can have a quick 10 mins daily status update call with the developer and engineering manager at your desired time slot between 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT+1).

We use Zoom for calls and screen sharing and Slack for text chat. The developer will show the work results of yesterday, the plan of today and clear any confusion in understanding the related business logic. Since you will have a user account on JIRA, you can also refer to the issues numbers discussed during this call. For an overall picture you can see the active sprint Kanban board in order to get a confidence of the work progress.


Monitoring Work Progress (every 10mins)

Our developers are using a time tracking tool called Hubstaff, which takes a screenshot in a random minute of every 10 minutes along with lots of work related information i.e. keyboard and mouse activity, JIRA ticket number, etc that you can use to keep a closer control over the progress.

The real usage of this tool is for our engineering manager for keeping a closer eye on the code quality and instruct the developer on the best practices and to avoid anti-patterns. We provide you an account in order to maintain transparency of an hour paid is an hour worked.


Result (every week)

We use StoryBook in order to provide you an environment where you can test individual components of your project and a staging server on a URL like where you can test the entire web app. We usually push changes into those two environments after approval of each Pull Request.

On a weekly basis, our engineering managers give you a full presentation, challenges that were faced and plans on how to solve those challenges in the next sprints. Depending on the complexity of your project, the feature releases can be done on weekly or biweekly basis.



As of now we can provide developers for any of the following JavaScript frontend frameworks. If you need a developer for any other framework, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We use the following tools for better collaboration and time tracking. You will get access to all of them.

  1. JIRA for writing user stories and managing sprints.
  2. Zeplin for sharing and collaborating UI designs.
  3. Slack for instant messaging between the entire team.
  4. GitHub for git hosting platform.
  5. Calendly for scheduling ad hoc meetings.
  6. Zoom for online calls and screen sharing.
  7. StoryBook for displaying individual app components.
  8. Cypress for end to end testing.
  9. HubStaff for time tracking.
  10. BrowserStack for cross browser compatibility testing.


No complicated pricing model! Only one price that includes everything! Our engineering managers who handle the onsite meetings and code reviews are also included in this price.

Pay as you go
60 /hr

Minimum one week contract

100% Money Back Guarantee

In order to proof the stereotype that remote work doesn't work wrong, we decided to give 100% money back gaurantee. If you were not satisfied from our work, you can claim to get your money back at the end of each week and cancel the contract immediately. We have a #nobullshit rule, which means rationality is always the core of our dispute.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can build components for all the three mostly used JavaScrtipt frameworks. If you are using a framework other than these three, please contact us and we would love to talk about it.

Yes! Otherwise there wouldn't be 1Password, Trello, Wikipedia, GitHub, Balsamiq, GitLab, Basecamp, Digital Ocean, Linux, Stackoverflow and many more.
Well, we are by no means comparable to a freelancing marketplace. We are a German company that happens to provide development services per hour with 100% money back guarantee. In the crazy pitch style of Startups, consider it like an uber for frontend development. 😁
Immediately. Right after signing the contract, we jump over an on boarding meeting and gather all the required data and assign you on of our best developers.
Yes you can interview the developer. Please schedule an initial call to discuss your project requirements, and subsequently we will schedule an interview.

Short answer: You don't need to worry as we take quality religiously serious, otherwise you get your money back. Nevertheless, you get access to all the tools we use that will give you a closer eye to our development process than your own employees.

Long answer: In order to ensure good code quality we take several measures as following:

  1. We use ESLint for enforcing static code analysis as a part of our white box testing strategy.
  2. Depending on your project setup, we use FlowJS or TypeScript static type checkers.
  3. We use Redux ducks pattern and Redux selectors.
  4. We use React error boundaries for React projects.
  5. We use StoryBook to test components individually.
  6. We use Jest and Enzyme for unit testing with 80% test coverage.
  7. We write end to end tests using Cypress.
  8. Our engineering managers (senior frontend developers) keeps a very close eye on the code written by our developers by using a checklist we have curated that ensures using best practices and avoiding anti-patterns.
  9. Our developers commit frequently and quality issues are caught by senior developers as frequent as few hours.
  10. We use BrowserStack and applitools for visual tests.
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